training in walking
on a prosthesis

Having extensive experience in the field of prosthetics, we firmly believe that it is not enough to make a high quality prosthesis - it is necessary to teach how to use it correctly.

About the school

We will teach you how to walk on a prosthesis correctly

Rehabilitation course

An integrated approach to the rehabilitation process after amputation allows the patient to return to a full life as soon as possible: we pay great attention to exercises to maintain the tone of the stump muscles, as well as training in walking and running on prostheses.
If you received a prosthesis, but for some reason you have not been taught to walk on it, you can join our walking school.

Methods of work and exercises

It is conducted personally with a specialist to work on the tasks and goals of a particular patient.

It is carried out for the purpose of testing the equipment.

Patients will have to use the prosthesis not only for walking on flat surfaces. In a normal environment, we constantly walk up stairs, descents and ascents. The skill of walking on them on prostheses is very important for complete rehabilitation.

Scandinavian walking is a great assistant in the development of a prosthesis, since the patient learns to walk right away – develops a physiological gait. In addition to an additional fulcrum, walking with an anti-walker allows you to control the symmetry of steps, includes the body and coordination.  After obtaining the basic skills, the patient can continue to study independently, even without a special room, choosing a place and time, which significantly speeds up the process of mastering the prosthesis and rehabilitation.

Learning to keep balance and not lose balance is literally the main condition for the ability to walk. It is also relevant for people with prosthetics.

For the full mobility of the patient, we also teach running on a prosthesis, so that a person has the opportunity to play sports, as well as move faster than the speed of a normal step when necessary.

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