Hip prostheses

Amputation above the knee

Basic information

ORTO-M manufactures modern hip prostheses

Our specialists select the complete set of each prosthesis individually, based on your tasks and features. Our goal is to rehabilitate every patient who came to us.

The design of the lower leg prostheses
  • The hip prosthesis is modular
  • Hip prosthesis with microprocessor control (with an external power source.)

The modular (endoskeletal) design of the hip prosthesis for bathing and water procedures practically does not differ from the usual modular design of the hip prosthesis, except that all metal modules are made of corrosion-resistant alloys and have special grooves for removing liquid trapped inside the prosthesis (mainly fresh and salt water).

The hip prosthesis is modular, a skeletonized sleeve, fasteners due to a silicone cover, a knee joint with a microprocessor (with an external energy source), a carbon fiber foot of an average energy saving level, a factory protector, as a cosmetic lining.

Hip prosthesis modular skeletonized sleeve, fastening due to silicone cover, multiaxial pneumatic knee joint, carbon fiber foot of a high level of energy saving, without cosmetic lining

The hip prosthesis is modular, for bathing, an individual sleeve, fasteners due to a silicone cover with a membrane, a uniaxial hydraulic knee joint, the foot is moisture-resistant with an anti-slip surface, without cosmetic lining.

Components of prostheses

Современные протезы бедра состоят из шести основных элементов

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The stump sleeve

The main element of any prosthesis. The stump sleeve is made exclusively individually, by making plaster casts from the stump.

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The lock

This is connecting element of a silicone case with a stump sleeve. Locks can be pin, rope, vacuum.

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Knee module

Selected individually for the physical characteristics of the patient. The knee module can be polycentric and monocentric, hydraulic, pneumatic, with microprocessor control.

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The bearing module

This is a steel or titanium pipe connecting the knee module to the foot.

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The foot

The type of foot for prostheses is selected individually. Prosthetic feet are available with heel height adjustment, with a split toe part, with a vertical shock absorber, for different levels of patient activity.

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Silicone case

It is used to attach the prosthesis. The cover rolls over the stump, and due to its properties, it sits tightly on the stump.

Bandaging the stump

Before prosthetics, compression therapy with an elastic bandage is recommended.

Day number

Bandaging time

Break time

Day 1

20 min

20 min

40 min

20 min

60 min

20 min

Day 2

40 min

20 min

60 min

20 min

80 min

20 min

Day N

+20 min

20 min

Bandaging time during the day: + 20 minutes to the previous time.
New day: start + 20 min from the start time of the previous day.

Detailed video instructions on bandaging can be viewed at the link



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