You have a question on the purchase of a prosthesis? Maybe we already have an answer.

The process of rehabilitation after amputation can be divided into two directions:

  1. Physical rehabilitation is the preparation of the stump for prosthetics. Bandaging the stump, exercises to maintain muscle tone, wearing a silicone cover.
  2. Paperwork – obtaining an IPRA (individual rehabilitation and habilitation program) to obtain a prosthesis at the expense of the state.

It is not enough to get a prosthesis, you need to learn how to use it correctly. All patients who have had prosthetics with us are trained to use the prosthesis for free. We teach you how to walk on a prosthesis on a flat surface and on a ramp, go down and climb stairs, etc.

But if for some reason you were given a prosthesis, but not taught to walk on it, you can contact us, in our "School of Walking".

The possibility of full-fledged walking on a prosthesis depends more on the physical fitness of the patient than on their age. Initially, the patient should master armrest crutches (they are much safer than armpits). And then everything depends only on the patient's desire to work on himself and work hard. Yes, hard work, because the success of prosthetics depends on 50% of the patient and 50% of the prosthetist. Our task, as prosthetists, is to make a high-quality prosthesis, choose the optimal configuration, teach how to use a prosthesis, and the patient's task is to follow our recommendations and train.

This question can only be answered by the authority that issued you the referral, since only they know with whom and in what quantity they have concluded contracts to provide patients with TSR. However, you can always refuse the referral and get a prosthesis due to the second mechanism – compensation of expenses for the independent purchase of a prosthesis.

Yes, you can have prosthetics with us, your desire and arrival to us is enough for this, since we do not do absentee prosthetics. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that prosthetics are possible only at your own expense, we will not be able to provide you with a loan, and you will not be able to receive a refund of the funds spent.



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